Art Classes

Art Classes

I am an artist.  I paint, draw and do paper collages. In My classes, I help my students to find their own way of expression through art. I also teach beginning drawing and painting: how to handle art materials, basic art fundamentals, toxicity and application.


My teaching philosophy is to inspire and encourage children to do their own art. In my understanding, teaching art is asking questions without giving ready answers, letting children experiment with various art materials, creating time and space for children to work on their projects and giving children appropriate instructions that do not interfere with their own creative processes.

Classes schedule:

Mixed Media Class, Ages: 8-10 years old, Tuesday 1:00-2:30 pm , Price: $125

a month. Please contact me for information about art supplies

 Beginning drawing and Painting Class, Ages 11-13, Tuesday, 3:00-5:00 pm. Ages 14-17, Tuesday 6pm-8pm, Price $125 Please, contact me for info about art supplies.


Beginning and Intermediate.

I offer classes taught in casual and friendly atmosphere. I teach beginning and intermediate drawing and painting classes. In my art classes, I teach drawing and painting techniques, how to handle art materials, how to design a painting or drawing by using elements of design like composition, proportion, value, perspective.

Painting and Drawing

Thursday 6 pm-8:00 pm

Price: $200 a month. Please, contact me for the art supplies list

Individual lessons available

If you have a busy schedule, I offer individual painting and drawing lessons. This class can be scheduled based on availability. In this class, I work with my student one on one. The cost per hour is $35. Painting class requires more than an hour, usually at least 2 hours. Total cost for a painting class is $70, and that includes 2 hours of instructions. I don’t charge more if the class takes a little longer than 2 hours.

Individual classes can be taught in Zoom

Please, sign up below and go to my store to make a payment, or contact me for additional information:

Paulina Swietliczko
Roanoke, VA
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