Summer Art Boot Camp


Age: 14-17

Date: July 31- August 4th

Time: 11am-2pm

Tuition: $250 including art supplies



This Summer Camp  is meant for high school age students: 14-17 years old interested in diving dipper into drawing and painting. We are going to explore techniques and methods like charcoal, graphite, conte crayon, pastel,  and acrylic painting, from the beginning to completion. We will talk about composition and elements of design, paint application and drawing techniques.

Day 1

We will

  • Talk about line and shape, use pencils and charcoal to draw a still life from observation
  • Use color pencils do add texture and color to a drawing

Day 2

  • Talk about grayscale and value
  • Create an image using grayscale

Day 3

  • Talk about color and tone
  • Paint a still life with acrylic/oil

Day 4

  • Talk about aerial perspective
  • Paint a landscape

Day 5

  • Talk about proportions
  • Drawing figure from observation