Art Summer Camp Imagined Dragons


Art Summer Camp

Age 9-11

Date: July 24-28

Time: 11am-2pm

Tuition: $200

All art supplies included



This Art Summer Camp is designed for kids 9-11 years old, who love art and dragons. We will use our imaginations, paint, pencils, crayons and paper mache to create pictures and sculptures of the dragons.

Day 1:

We will:

  • talk about various dragons, draw images of the dragons using pencils, markers and color pencils and design our own dragons using images of plants and insects.
  • starts working on the sculptures of our dragons. For the rest of the week, we will develop and finish our sculpture projects.
  • start working on a comic book about dragons. We will discuss how to design a comic book and develop it.

Day 2:

We will:

  • make collages of the dragons using watercolor paper and acrylic paint.
  • continue working on paper mache sculptures.
  • continue working an a dragon comic book.

Day 3:

  • work on the paintings of the dragons using acrylic paint.
  • continue working on our paper mache sculptures.
  • continue working on our comic books about dragons.

Day 4:

  • use pastels to draw dragons.
  • continue working on our sculptures.
  • continue working on our comic books.

Day 5:

  • create a nocturne with dragons using ink and crayons.
  • paint and decorate our sculptures.
  • finish our comic books about dragons.

Drop off and pick up information

We are going to meet daily downtown, at the Gallery 202, at the back entrance, in the alley, located on Kirk Ave, between Glow Fiber and Active Serenity. Please, arrive 15 minutes early, at 10:45pm to drop off your child. I will be waiting outside at the door for all participants until 10:55. At 10:55, we will walk upstairs to the studio to start our daily art projects. If you are late, you can park your car and walk your child upstairs using the front door, near the entrance to 202 Social House at 206 Market Square , SE, 24011. To pick up your child, please arrive at 2pm. I’ll be waiting outside by the back door with your child, at the same place as the drop off.

Please, send your child with packed lunch and a bottle of water.

Please, call me if you have any problems finding the Gallery: 559 3034950