Studio Ghibli Inspired Art Summer Camp


Age: Middle school and high school

Date: 07/08-07/12

Time: 9am-1pm

Location: 206 Market Square SE, Roanoke VA 24011

In this high school age art summer camp, we will explore drawing and painting inspired by the Studio Ghibli creations.

We will use pencils, color pencils, illustrator’s markers, acrylic and watercolor paint. We will design totes and stickers.

Tuition: $250 including all art supplies



Day #1

We will start with drawing a figure using a Manikin and some reference pictures. We will learn about proportions in figure drawing.

Day #2

We will talk about landscape and the different types of perspective: aerial versus linear perspective. We may go outside if the weather permits to do some drawing and painting.

Day #3

We are going to focus on objects, textures, patterns and building atmosphere. We are going to design an image for a canvas tote and transfer it to the tote.

Day # 4

We are going to make some stickers based on our previous designs and projects and finished working on the canvas totes.

Day# 5

We will paint with acrylics on canvas, using our own sketches and previously invented images.

On Sunday, 07/14 in the afternoon, we will have an art show from 2pm-4pm. and students will invite families and friends to share their artworks done during the camp.


Every day, we will have a lunch break. Please, send your student with packed lunch and a bottle of water.

Drop off and pick up information

We are going to meet daily downtown, at the Gallery 202, at the back entrance, in the alley, located on Kirk Ave, between Glow Fiber and Active Serenity. Please, arrive 15 minutes early, at 8:45am to drop off your student. I will be waiting outside at the door for all the participants until 8:55am. At 8:55, we will walk upstairs to the studio to start our daily art projects. If you are late, join us using either the back door, or the front door, near the entrance to 202 Social House at 206 Market Square , SE, 24011. To pick up your child, please arrive at 1pm. I’ll be waiting outside by the back door with all the participants, at the same place as the drop off.

Please, call me if you have any problems finding the Gallery: 559 3034950